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Furnace Special in Saskatoon

and some furnace buying tips by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical

Until the end of August Pro Service Mechanical is offering up to $400 off the purchase installation of our Lennox furnaces. We are always ready to help with your questions about furnace installation in Saskatoon. Here is a few tips when deciding what kind of furnace to purchase.

All furnaces currently on the market in Saskatoon and area that use natural gas must be a high efficiency condensing furnace. So how does this differ from a conventional or mid efficient furnace?

First all furnaces have a heat exchanger. This is were the gas is burned and it heats up the metal around it. Then a fan moves house air over the other side of the heat exchanger making our house warm. The difference between a conventional furnace or a mid efficient furnace with a combustion blower is that the high efficiency condensing furnace has two heat exchangers. The first is restrictive and tube like so we pull the exhaust gases thru with a small fan. This fan also pulls the exhaust gases thru a second heat exchanger that extracts anywhere from 90 to 98% of the heat from the exhaust gases. When this happens the gases condense and we get some water which we must drain or pump away.

Diagram of components for a high efficient furnace

The second main difference with these furnaces is were we get the air to burn the gas and vent it out of the house. Conventional and mid efficiency furnaces use air from your house for this which you have already paid to heat. With the high efficiency furnace we bring in air from outside in a sealed tube. This is safer and more energy efficient.

Now we get in to some options with a high efficiency furnace. All will of course have an intermittent system to start the flame ignition. Long gone are the days of pilot lights. The other options have to do with the gas value which controls the burner and the fan motor.

The 3 options with a gas valve are

Single Stage

this means the gas valve is either on fully or off

Two Stage

this means the gas valve is capable of running at a lower capacity or at full capacity when needed, this is more efficient and makes the home more comfortable


this means multi stage heating, our Dave Lennox Signature model has over 90 stages of heating, this ensures even and constant temperatures throughout the house

The three options of fan motors are

PSC Motor

this is a standard AC motor

Constant Torque Motor

this is a direct current brushless motor, it is far more energy efficient than an AC motor

Variable Speed Motor

this is also a direct current brushless motor, however it can change it whatever speed is required to heat the home, this lets the fan run slower, quieter and longer, creating less noise and much more comfort

If you have any other questions about high efficiency condensing furnaces or about our special contact us at 306-230-2442 or email us at

Learn more here at our website

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Image of Lennox logo

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